Cedetaş Engineering & Technology


In this ever-rapidly transforming world, Cedetaş Engineering & Technology’s mission is to uphold high engineering standards and incorporate industry leading technology, all while designing and implementing long-lasting, reliable systems for those businesses in need.

Cedetaş® provides turnkey solutions in four main business divisions: Project Engineering, Life Safety Systems, Energy and Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Solutions. Since its incorporation in 1976, Cedetaş® has accumulated years of real field experience and technical expertise to provide solutions in a broad range of areas: system and product design, production, application, maintenance, technical service, consultancy, product sales and distribution.


Cedetaş® also utilizes, sells and distributes globally renowned and proven automation, energy and life-safety technology, such as Emerson, Geutebrück, Hikvision, Hitachi, Honeywell, Iconics, Igel, Notifier, SD3, Siemens, Spectrex, Takex, Tanda, and Teledyne Oldham. Cedetaş® has provided robust technical solutions not only in Turkey, but in quite a few other countries as well, including the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Africa. Some notable references include:

Petrochemical & Chemical: PJSC Gazprom, Petkim Petrochemicals, Turkish Petroleum (TPAO), Proctor & Gamble

Water and Sewage: Istanbul (ISKI), Ankara (ASKI), Sakarya (SASKI), Malatya (MASKI), State Waterworks Authority (DSI)

Government and Defense: The Turkish Armed Forces, Yaltes, NATO bases, various airports, consulates

Finance: İş Bankası, QNB Finansbank,

Food, Beverages & Tobacco: Ülker, Besler Foods, Phillip Morris

Consumer Goods: Arçelik,

As a company incorporated in Istanbul, Cedetaş® has learned firsthand over a half century, how to foresee and optimize against operational risks, not only for itself but for its customers too. It understands the balance between safety, functionality, esthetics, cost and timeliness. There is a good chance that one of Cedetaş®’ more than 1500 projects might have some similarity with the challenges its customers face now. Ultimately, Cedetaş® intends for its solutions to contribute to the progress of Industry and Society, as a whole. Do you need help selecting a product? Do you have an engineering project? If so, how can we help? If so, how can we help? Hide

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