DGW-C10 Takebishi Çevirici
DGW-C10 Takebishi Çevirici
DGW-C10 Takebishi Çevirici

DGW-C10 Takebishi Gateway (DGW-C10 Takebishi IOT Gateway)

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DGW-C10 Takebishi Gateway


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DGW-C10 Takebishi Gateway


DGW-C10 One of the newest IoT products is OPC UA DeviceGateway.
Takebishi DeviceGateway is OPC UA Server Gateway in different industries and field.
It is used to collect production information and logs into IoT services. It allows you to quickly and efficiently create a complete IoT system.


Functions :
Communication with devices such as PLC and sensors
Communicate with Industrial Products (PLC, sensor..v.b), healthcare devices, home / office and building automation products.
DeviceGateway also has location detection functionality (requires certain optional optional device).

IoT communication:
Server function for OPC UA and ECHONET Lite and client function for MQTT, HTTP (S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis and HULFT IoT agent.

It supports many cloud systems:
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, ANYSENCE, IBM Bluemix and more.

Event Function:
You can configure the event settings that execute the actions when the Trigger is set.
Trigger: Loop, Time, Changed value, Received MQTT, Tag Alarm Change, Signal detection
- Action: Loop, Skip, Comparison, Edit Text, Calculate, Get CSV Item, Get Json Items, Write Value, Send MQTT, Send HTTP, Send SQL, Upload FTP, Send Kinesis, File Writing

User interface :
Easily adjust all settings via the web browser

About Takebishi:
Takebishi Europe B.V. is located in Amsterdam and Takebishi Corporation, headquartered in Kyoto, is part of Japan.
We offer hardware and software solutions for Industrial Automation, IoT / M2M applications and e-paper digital signage solutions.
Founded in 1926, Takebishi Corporation is a 750M + USD company with offices in Japan, China, Thailand and Europe.