ISA SL 31 480-230-24-0-S
ISA SL 31 480-230-24-0-S

ISA SL 350 480-230-24-33-I Softstarter (OACSAISL3504802302433IGR)

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Igel 480V - 200 kW - 350 A
Soft Starter
3 Phase Thyristor Controlled
With Internal By-Pass


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Igel 480V - 200 kW - 350 A
Soft Starter
3 Phase Thyristor Controlled
With Internal By-Pass

* Product Image Representation. Actual size (WxHxD) = 365x554x275 mm, Weight: 37 kg

Igel new ISA SL series soft starter offers the best solution for electronically controlled, improved and soft start / stop applications. With its built-in By-Pass, its small footprint design provides excellent performance while providing long-term reliability with comprehensive motor protection functions. It is a high performance product designed with aluminum body for heavy conditions. ISA SL series is a product optimized for High efficiency engines.

Depending on your needs, Modbus, Profibus, TCP / IP communication options are available. Digital and Analog I / O card options are available.

Standard Features:

LCD Panel
Built-in By-pass system
Communication Types (Optional):
- RS485 (Modbus),
- Profibus
Ethernet (TCP / IP)
Multiple Language Options (English, German, Spanish..v.b)
Event and data monitoring
Full control via USB, PC software
Inrush current can be adjusted between 10% and 50%
Current limit is 100% In and 400% In
Start time can be increased up to 30 seconds
Downtime can be increased up to 30 seconds
Two different take off stop parameters can be specified
Take-off and stop ramps are selectable
External Fault Contact
Motor protection features remain active even in the case of bypass

Motor Protection Features:

Short circuit (Magnetic)
Overload (Thermal)
Maximum departure time
Phase loss protection
Phase sequence distortion
Over or under voltage
Thyristor short circuit
Connection error
Over temperature
Low current
External error signal
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