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  • Fire Detection Cedetaş Engineering and Technology Inc. provides solutions that  it distributes in fire detection systems. Tanda TNA addressable fire detection systems offer complete solutions in applications such as residence, hotel, hospital, shopping mall with LPCB certified products. CEDETAŞ offers solutions in industrial areas with SD3, Thermostick and Spectrex brands for exproof detection (flame, smoke, heat and so on). Exproof visual/audible warning and buttons are in our product range with E2S brand. You can also find TEXE high decibel products and ZBS exit emergency lighting products among our products. View Products
  • Industrial Automation Products CEDETAS has achieved a documented competency to design competitive and compliant solutions and deliver the whole electrical package as an international contractor or sub-contractor.

    The scope of activity of CEDETAS Automation includes:
    • Digital Factory Solutions,
    • PLC and SCADA integration,
    • LV and MV Drive and Soft Starter Solutions,
    • Turnkey Plant Control Contracting.

    CEDETAS's competent staff provides training, commissioning,
    maintenance and repair services for its scope of supply.

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Product Groups
  • PLC Products
  • Speed Control Products
  • Soft Starter
  • Addressable Fire Detection
  • Exproof Equipments
  • IP Cameras
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Beam Detectors
  • Emergency Exit and Lighting
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